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Albuquerque Federation of Classified Professionals

AFCP #4129

Representing educational assistants (EAs), health assistants (HAs), community support liaisons (CSLs), Secretarial/Clerical (B schedule), campus security assistants (CSAs), school bus attendants, and school bus drivers.


➜ Athletic coaches and assistant coaches will now receive a stipend instead of being paid an hour wage which better accounts for the time and effort coaches and assistant coaches spend supporting our students.

➜ If a health assistant is required to manage the Health Office in the absence of the nurse, the assistant shall be compensated at the rate of 1.5 times the employee’s regular hourly rate of pay for each hour or fraction of an hour. Additionally, if a health assistant who works at a school with a part time nursing allocation shall receive a $300.00 per school year increment for managing the Health Office during the time the nurse is working their scheduled hours at their school.

➜ An employee temporarily assigned the position duties of another B Schedule employee (higher, lower or same level) who is absent from work (i.e.: long-term leave, sick leave, annual leave or coverage for an active vacant position) shall receive an additional-duty differential of one and half (1.5) times the employees hourly rate per hour or fraction of hour.

➜ All EAs working in Special Ed programs with high needs students will be paid a differential when a substitute teacher is present on an intermittent basis. High needs students are defined as needing hands on help with basic daily living skills such as feeding, toileting and/or positioning. High needs students also include individuals whose behaviors have injured staff members or have the high likelihood of injuring staff members.

➜ Three (3) days of leave with pay each year is granted to an employee for personal matters which require an employee's absence during working hours. This leave may accumulate up to five (5) days. For B Schedule Employees


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