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Albuquerque Teachers Federation

ATF #1420

Teachers and all Essential & Related Services Educators


➜ Differential pay for TESOL and Bilingual teachers and some Support Staff who serve English language learners.

➜ Instructional Councils at schools and districtwide role groups to ensure educators' voice in workplace decision making.

➜ Mentor Program for Teachers (2006) and Support Staff (2020) so new educators are paired with an experienced practitioner at their worksite.

➜ ATF negotiated teacher autonomy language, ensuring educators' ability to use their professional judgment to meet students' needs for differentiation (2016). Article 5.F.5.f

➜ Paid Parental Leave for an eligible employee to bond with their newborn, adopted child, or foster child (2021). Article 18.O


Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
Negotiated Agreement Unit 1
Negotiated Agreement Unit 2
Negotiated Agreement: Certified
Negotiated Agreement: Classified
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