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Classified School Employees Council - Las Cruces

CSEC-LC #4994

Associate Librarians, Campus Security, Custodians, Educational Assistants, Health Assistants, Library Assistants, Materials Management Employees, Nutrition Services, Nutrition Services Warehouse Employees, Physical Plant Department Employees, Secretarial/Clerical Employees (Non-Confidential employees), Interpreters/Translators, English Learner, Bilingual Programs, Parent Outreach Data Analyst, Family and Community Support Specialist, Student/Parent/Family Facilitator, Nutrition Services Specialist, Nutrition Services Specialist - Produce


➜ $2000.00 Retention Stipend for employees employed by June 30, 2023

➜ $1000.00 Retention Stipend for employees employed by February 29, 2024

➜ For the 2023-24 contract year a $3,500.00 Recruitment/Retention Stipend for Special Education EAs in the Behavioral Health Programs funded solely through the American Rescue Plan Funding


Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
Negotiated Agreement Unit 1
Negotiated Agreement Unit 2
Negotiated Agreement: Certified
Negotiated Agreement: Classified
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