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New Mexico Highlands University Faculty & Staff Association - Professional Staff


Administrative Assistant, Director of Field Experiences/ SOE, Golf Course Superintendent, Academic Advisor Santa Fe, Coordinator of Academic Enrichment Programs/Main, Central Receiving Supervisor, Facilities Lab Manager/Prod Super/Mass Co, Graduate Records & Center Coordinator, Scholarship Coordinator, Library Associate/Library, Nursing Recruiter Advisor Coordinator, Librarian, Foundation Office, Sr. Admin Asst. College of Arts & Science, International Education Director, Accountant, Director of Wellness Program, EOS Online [Supervisory], Manager of ITV Operations, San Juan Student Center Specialist, Academic Support Coordinator/Accessibility and training, Specialist/RR Center, Administrative Assistant/School of Business Dean, Intervention & Retention Coordinator, Director of Career Services, Rio Rancho business office, Librarian, Head of Archives & Cataloging, Director of Campus Life, Supervisor, ITV Engineer, Radio Station Manager, Recruiter Adjunct (Interim), Financial Aid Advisor, Assistant Director of University Relations Managerial, Assistant ITV Engineer, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Center Student Specialist, Pool Manager, Director CTE, University Relations Writer, FA Assistant Director [Supervisory], Student Recruiter, Athletic Trainer, Native America Services, Institutional Research, Alumni Coordinator, Librarian-Head of Government, Evening Coordinator/Information Tech, Librarian Associate Rio Rancho, Technology Trainer, ORSP Grant Manager, Foundation Communication Specialist (Dir Adv Services), Director of Housing, NRM/ Biology Equipment Manager.


➜ We made admin honor the contract, paying the Service Increase Adjustment outlined in article 19. This supplemental award is based on years of continuous service and will be given at the annual employee recognition ceremony. Temporary employment doesn't count toward this. It's a one-time gross payment according to the following scale: 5 years - $250, 10 years - $500, 15 years - $750, 20 years - $1,000, 25 years - $1,250, and 30 Continuous Service means uninterrupted employment at NMHU, except for authorized absences. Eligibility requires attendance at mandatory trainings, 'satisfactory' performance in reviews, and no disciplinary actions for a year before the anniversary date.

➜ Prior to 2021, the CBA had been in negotiations for 3 years. We have since ratified the contract and enter salary negotiations on a yearly basis.


Negotiated Agreement
Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
Negotiated Agreement Unit 1
Negotiated Agreement Unit 2
Negotiated Agreement: Certified
Negotiated Agreement: Classified
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