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Santa Fe Community College


Full-time Faculty (including Department Chairs)


The union negotiated union involvement in the college’s response to the Covid outbreak in spring of 2020. The safety protocols allowed faculty to work completely from home, and also a $200 stipend for fall 2020 and spring 2021 to support office expenses of working 100% from home.

In spring of 2023, the union negotiated additional pay for supplemental work not covered in the CBA. Faculty can now receive pay for developing brand new classes, changes the modality of classes (e.g. online, hybrid, in person), or making significant changes to courses (e.g. incorporating open educational resources).

The union negotiated increased participation in shared governance at the college. The college is now required to notify and/or get feedback from the union about topics like policy changes, insurance coverage changes, and during the initial outbreak covid response and safety.

But the biggest win was negotiating our initial contract giving faculty an equal voice with administration about working conditions and salary. The biggest win connected with this is actually raising the salaries of all non-union employees - staff and adjuncts - to match the salary increases the union negotiated for collective-bargaining unit members.


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Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
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