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Socorro School Employees Association

SSEA #3878

Teacher, Educational Assistant, Counselor, Librarian, Nurse, Diagnostician, Speech/Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist


➜ Sick Leave Bank language to make qualification equitable for all employees

➜ Substituting language to ensure EAs are paid 1.5 times their hourly rate after 8 consecutive days covering the same position and to protect EAs from being switched to avoid paying the higher rate.

➜ Communication Rights language that agrees to Union Representatives and Principals/Supervisors collaboratively conduct at least one staff meeting at the beginning of each school year devoted to reviewing, explaining, and answering questions concerning Board of Education Policies and the Collective Bargaining Agreement

➜ Language to ensure that teachers not have more than one out of four, or 25%, of the allocated weekly professional periods be used for mandatory meeting times by administration.


Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
Negotiated Agreement Unit 1
Negotiated Agreement Unit 2
Negotiated Agreement: Certified
Negotiated Agreement: Classified
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