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Taos Federation of United School Employees

TFUSE #1450

All Classified and Certified Staff


➜ INSURANCE / BENEFITS All employees earning less than $50,000 will have a new insurance share of 10%. (down from 20% last year) In other words, the district will now pay 90% of the insurance premium for these employees. This means employees earning under $50,000 should see their insurance premiums drop significantly. All employees earning between $50,000 and $59,999 will have a new insurance share of 30% (down from 40% last year) This means Level I teachers and other employees earning less than $60,000 per year will see a 10% decrease in their insurance premiums. Unfortunately, reducing insurance costs for employees making over $60,000 proved to be too costly to be feasible this year

➜ The "Employee Discipline" article is a brand new "Progressive Discipline" procedure that standardizes discipline across sites and creates a clear, step-by-step process for supervisors to follow in any disciplinary scenario. Discipline will now follow a four-step process: Step 1 - Verbal Warning Step 2 - Informal Consultation Step 3 - Written Warning Step 4 - Formal Reprimand Documentation of infractions will not be placed in employee personnel files until steps 3 and 4. This article will foster a restorative discipline process that fosters communication and consistency across all sites.

➜ The "Employee Safety" article enables employees attend certain events, such as assemblies, meetings, and trainings, remotely with supervisor approval and grants the right to enact safety measures and procedures in our workspaces that comply with ADA accommodations. It also clarifies which employees must report on site in the event that the district moves to remote instruction.


Negotiated Agreement - Educational Assistants
Negotiated Agreement Unit 1
Negotiated Agreement Unit 2
Negotiated Agreement: Certified
Negotiated Agreement: Classified
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