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AFT New Mexico Celebrates Local Educator and
Taos Federation of United School Employees President’s Return in New Year

AFT New Mexico Secures Francis Hahn’s Return to Classroom

January 4, 2022

Taos – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Whitney Holland released the following statement:

“I am pleased to announce an agreement has been reached with Taos Municipal Schools to ensure Mr. Francis Hahn’s return to the classroom when school resumes in January.

“AFT New Mexico has a long history of advocating for the educators we are entrusted to represent, and we will continue to fight to ensure our laws are fully respected and enforced. We have been consistently dismayed Taos Municipal Schools took such a drastic and unnecessary action against Mr. Hahn resulting from his advocacy on behalf of other Taos educators and students.

“While we believe further litigation of this issue would have yielded a successful verdict on behalf of Mr. Hahn, as we believe he was acting within his protected rights as a representative of the union, we ultimately chose a path which would return Mr. Hahn to the classroom and lessen the nearly four weeks of disruption this incident has caused to his students’ learning and the wider Taos Municipal Schools community.

“At each step of this matter, Mr. Hahn’s primary focus has been a return to the classroom and the instruction of his students as they prepare for Advanced Placement exams and college applications. We are confident Mr. Hahn’s return will ensure the smoothest possible spring academic semester for his students and a return to normalcy after this upsetting incident.

“On behalf of Mr. Hahn, we would like to once again extend sincere gratitude to the entire Taos community for their messages of support and solidarity for Mr. Hahn. He is grateful to be returning to his students and his love of education.”


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