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American Federation of Teachers New Mexico Praises Funding for Increased Salaries for Educational Assistants

House Bill 2 Would Provide $25,000 Minimum Salaries for EAs

February 15, 2023

Santa Fe – American Federation of Teachers New Mexico (AFT NM) President Whitney Holland and AFT NM Executive Vice President Kathy Chavez issued the following statements:

“Enacting the provisions of House Bill 127, along with securing necessary funding to implement the legislation, is one of the top priorities of our union this legislative session. House Bill 127 increases the minimum statute-based salary to $25,000 per year for those educators in our schools who are working under an educational assistant license.

“This increase is a necessary and long overdue acknowledgement of the incredibly important work educational assistants perform in our public schools. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to every legislator who had a hand in this effort, with special appreciation to lead House sponsors, Representatives Brian Baca and Susan Herrera. Additionally, we would like to thank the members of the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, under the leadership of Representative Nathan Small, for identifying funding to enact House Bill 127,” said Holland.

“On behalf of the educational assistants we represent across New Mexico, we offer sincere thanks. Today’s announcement that funding was included in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee’s draft of House Bill 2 is a validation of the work performed by thousands of dedicated educational assistants. We are an integral and often overlooked group of educators within our public schools and the acknowledgement of our work by our lawmakers in Santa Fe is truly meaningful.

“Educational assistants are dedicated members of our profession, and this funding represents respect for our hard work. We urge all members of the New Mexico Legislature to ensure this funding remains in House Bill 2, not only for those currently in the classroom, but also for those who have yet to enter our profession,” said Chavez.


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