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Northern New Mexico College Union Secures 10% Raise for Adjunct Faculty

Northern Federation of Educational Employees Bargains Historic Contract Win

June 21, 2024

June 21, 2024 505-554-8679

Española – Ending weeks of negotiations, Northern Federation of Educational Employees (NFEE, Local #4935), secures a 10% raise for adjunct faculty covered by the union’s collective bargaining agreement with Northern New Mexico College (NNMC). American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Whitney Holland, NFEE President Time Crone, and NFEE Adjunct Member and Lead Negotiator Anthony Ballas released the following statements:

"Due to the efforts of the NFEE Adjunct Faculty negotiation team, NNMC President Hector Balderas, and the NNMC administration team, a historic 10% salary increase and other positive changes to the Adjunct Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, were negotiated in a very professional and cooperative manner in order to continue to support quality education to NNMC students,” said Crone.

“This 10% wage increase marks not only a major victory for adjuncts at NNMC but will hopefully assist in the ongoing efforts of adjuncts and contingent faculty organizing throughout New Mexico and nationwide who are demanding fair pay and better working conditions. With this historic increase, a new standard has been set for adjuncts at NNMC, with the promise of much more to come over the horizon. Adjuncts clearly continue to play an important role in the revitalization of the labor movement nationally and in New Mexico. This is only the beginning for us,” said Ballas.

“It is no secret that adjunct pay in New Mexico falls well below the national average. I am proud of the work done at NNMC to begin to correct both disparities in pay, but also working conditions. This critical win comes at a time where legislative efforts at the Roundhouse are attempting to increase minimum salaries across New Mexico for all adjunct faculty and instructors and illustrates the significant pay gaps that must be addressed to achieve a robust higher education workforce which best serves our students. I applaud NFEE and NNMC for collaboratively taking a first step in rectifying this issue,” said Holland


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